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The ravages of time, environment and ultraviolet
Ruined your looks


New anti-aging and skin revitalizing technologies
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Eliminate the effects caused by outside factors
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As people age, skin naturally degenerates.
But if you take good care of your skin,
you can not only retard the degenerative process but also make you feel and look younger
than people of the same age as you.

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Only for Beautiful Women
Professional Salon Skincare Products


Raising a cow for milk, Setting up a factory for brand

INMIMAR, a long-established, well-known Taiwanese skincare brand, is founded in 1982 by senior professional beauty training professor, Ms. Yu-Chen Chang who has established several beauty institutions and fostered beauticians. The beauty and skincare products in trend were mostly from European and Japanese brand with relatively high pricing. However, their formula was not exactly suitable for the climate of Southeast Asia and Taiwan, nor for the skin condition of our clients. It could not fulfill the needs of the clients who pursued the beauty. That is the reason why, Ms. Chang came up with the idea of skincare brand INMIMAR. Moreover, unlike other skincare brand who outsource their products, in order to perfection the quality of the product, she did not hesitate to invest huge sum of money to build up a professional plant which meets the international standards. This is the only way to obtain directly the ingredients with high quality, also to control and refine the formula.

Ingredients of INIMIMAR product are mostly from Japan and Europe, because the founder wants to keep up with the level of quality of other big brands. Even though the cost is relatively high, the efficiency and security are both guaranteed. The formulas are developed by the President Wu and instructed by professor from Japan. In favor of the skin condition from Southeast Asian and Taiwan, they adjust and optimize the formulas with years of references from skincare experience. The key to have a great reputation is by the word of mouth management. The positive feedback have been accumulating from the top-segment customers for over 30 years.

The core competency of INMIMAR series’ product is building a healthy skin. As long as the skin cells are in good health, the skin will be naturally shiny and elastic. One of the key factors to have a healthy skin is the supplement of water. Different from the European and Japanese formulas based on oil, INMIMAR uses big and little molecule hyaluronic with high purity from Japan as the base of the water supplement. Therefore, the skin will feel the lightness and can be moisture without oiliness. Combining with the functional plant extract, every layer of the skin will be fully replenished with the nutrition it needs. By removing the unnecessary burden and getting the vital resources, the skin is finally in a healthy, young, and age-reverse condition.

Ms. Chang
General Manager