INMIMAR Online Shop cares a great deal about the user’s privacy and has established the following policy of privacy protection. Please kindly take a moment to peruse the following contents.


  • The content of INMIMAR’s Privacy Protection Policy covers how the website handles personal identification data that is collected when users use our website services and any personal identification data shared by business partners that are in collaboration with our website.
  • This Privacy Protection Policy is not applicable to other companies or personnel not hired or managed by INMIMAR Online Shop.
  • When you register an account, use products or services on this website, browse this website, take part in events or collect prizes, INMIMAR Online Shop will collect your personal identification data. In order to ensure your privacy and data security, your account data is secured with password protection.
  • This website may also obtain user’s personal information from our business partners.
  • INMIMAR Online Shop will automatically receive and record the relevant server parameters on your browser (including IP Address, INMIMAR cookies, and the log of web pages you have requested for access).
  • You have the right to change your account information at any time, and your privileges include the decision to receive notification from INMIMAR Online Shop regarding special events and new products.


This website will use your information and data for the following purposes:

  1. Improvement of advertisement and web page contents for you.
  2. Completion of your request regarding specific product and notifying you about our special events or new products.
  • INMIMAR Online Shop will never sell or loan your personal identification information.
  • Under the following circumstances, INMIMAR Online Shop will provide your personal identification information to competent government agencies, collaborating partners/companies:
    1. When INMIMAR Online Shop has to share your information with our collaborating partners/companies in order to deliver the products or services you have requested.
    2. Sharing your information on the behalf of INMIMAR Online Shop with suppliers of services/products so that we could deliver the products or services you need. (Without prior notification, these companies do not have the privilege of using personal information provided by this website for any purposes other than providing products or services).
    3. When INMIMAR Online Shop is required to provide your information in accordance with pertinent regulations or official documentations from competent government agencies requesting for such information.
    4. When you have violated INMIMAR Online Shop’s terms of service or specific guidelines for corresponding products or services through specific behaviors/actions.
  • In order to protect the privacy of individual users, we will not be able to search for the account information of other users for you and we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Should you have the need to obtain other user’s information for legal affairs-related purposes, be sure to submit a formal request to a law enforcement agency and INMIMAR Online Shop shall cooperate fully with the law enforcement agency by providing all relevant information/data in our possession to assist with the investigation.
  • INMIMAR Online Shop will configure and access INMIMAR Online Shop cookies on your PC.
  • INMIMAR Online Shop enables advertisers featured on our website to configure and access cookies on your PC. Please note that other companies will adhere to their specific privacy protection policy in the use of cookies instead of this policy. Other advertisers and companies will not be able to access INMIMAR Online Shop cookies.
  • When A INMIMAR Online Shop is engaging in tasks relating to our products and services, it will access our website and network to access the cookies.
  • Under specific circumstances, INMIMAR Online Shop will use standard SSL encryption to ensure the security of data transmission.


INMIMAR Online Shop reserves the right to revise this policy at any time. Should any significant changes be made to regulations governing the use of personal information, you will be notified regarding such change through announcements we put up on our website.